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Corr-Ze metal surface preparation products are guaranteed to improve coating adhesion and prevent under-film corrosion.

Achieve the ultimate visual and microscopically clean metal in minutes, stop flash rust and prevent corrosion under coatings well into the future. Apply Corr-Ze 100 to your blast stream when treating metal assets or components to remove impurities in one simple step. Apply the Corr-Ze 200 gel to metal surfaces to prevent flash rust, and reduce costly rework caused by weather delays.

Corr-Ze can double the time between significant coating failure maintenance events and works with any coating system to create a uniform receptive metal surface for improved adhesion and consistent, optimized coating performance.

Learn How the Corr-Ze Surface Preparation Products Work

Corr-Ze™ 100

Don't let the competition get between your substrate and superior coating adhesion! The Corr-Ze™ 100 surface preparation product is not an inhibitor and will not leave a film at any concentration. We put the competition to the test in the video below and the results speak for themselves!

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Corr-Ze™ 200

We're revolutionizing surface preparation with the Corr-Ze™ 200 gel. Stop flash rust, improve coating adhesion by up to 66%, and save a fortune on rework and downtime caused by the weather! Watch the video below to learn how this innovative surface preparation product works in conjunction with Corr-Ze™ 100.

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Corr-Ze Benefits:

  • 1-step application

  • Leaves pH neutral surface

  • Fast-drying

  • Biodegradable

  • Will not leave a film or residue at any concentration
  • Improves coating adhesion
  • Significantly prevents flash rust
  • Water-base
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • No need to coat the same day
  • Will not damage blasting equipment (Thompson valves or wet end pump ceramic rods and dynamic seals)

Corr-Ze Recommended Uses:

  • Drinking water and sewer systems

  • Motor vehicles

  • Defense

  • Highway and railway bridges

  • Gas and liquid transmission pipelines

  • Waterways and ports

  • Hazardous materials storage and transport

  • Airports

  • Gas distribution

  • Electrical utilities

  • Telecommunication

  • Ships, aircraft, railroads

  • Oil and gas exploration and production

  • Mining

  • Petroleum refining

  • Chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical

  • Pulp and paper

  • Agricultural

  • Food processing

  • Manufacturing

  • Nuclear waste storage

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