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Corr-Ze™ Data Sheets & Reports

Corr-Ze™ 100

Corr-Ze™ 100 
is a liquid material supplied in 5-gallon pails. Each 5-gallon container of Corr-Ze™ 100 concentrate typically makes 500 gallons of ready-to-use product when properly mixed with deionized water.

View in-depth product information by downloading the Corr-Ze™ 100 product and safety data sheets below.

  Corr-Ze 100 Product Data Sheet  
  Corr-Ze 100 Safety Data Sheet  

Corr-Ze™ 200

Corr-Ze™ 200
is supplied as a ready-to-use gel in a 5-gallon pail that allows the treated steel to become more passive. 

View in-depth product information by downloading the Corr-Ze™ 200 product and safety data sheets below.

  Corr-Ze 200 Product Data Sheet  
  Corr-Ze 200 Safety Data Sheet  

Corr-Ze™ Lab Test Reports

  Corr-Ze Biomonitoring Report  
  Corr-Ze Rabbit Skin Corrosion DOT  
  Corr-Ze 100 & 200 Blast Abrasive Supply Field Test Report  
  Corr-Ze KTA Lab Test Report  
  Corr-Ze Juton Paints (Europe) Trial, Inspection & Adhesion Test Report  

Corr-Ze Meets SSPC Surface Preparation Specifications 

  SSPC SP-8   
  SSPC SP-1   

Corr-Ze Coatings Approval Letters

Corr-Ze™ corrosion prevention surface preparation products do not leave a film and are approved by several coatings manufacturers. Rest assured that a surface prepped with Corr-Ze™ will prevent rework and significantly improve your carbon footprint while providing superior coating adhesion.

  Carboline Coatings Approval Letter  
  Hempel Coatings Approval Letter  
  PPG Protective & Marine Coatings Approval Letter  
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