CRW Consulting & Distribution is dedicated to solving the problem of corrosion through research, product development, outreach, education, and professional services.

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CRW Consulting & Distribution helps organizations eliminate the most common cause of coating failure—rust. We provide optimized coating adhesion, which extends your assets' life while lowering the need for mandatory maintenance.

In addition to distributing the best rust removal solutions in the industry, CRW Consulting & Distribution's experts can help you create lean processes and reduce operating and ownership costs by up to 50%.

Our commitment to our customers is to continue to research metal surface contaminants in order to develop environmentally safe and cost-effective solutions. CRW Consulting & Distribution takes pride in assisting top global organizations in their pursuit of best practices to ensure the integrity and longevity of all metal surfaces.


Meet Our Experts


Robert-Richter-CRW Consulting Distribution Corr-Ze

Robert Richter

Robert Richter, NACE CIP Level III certified #194, has been announced as managing member by CRW Consulting & Distribution. Richter brings nearly 45 years of coating industry experience. In addition to previously managing his own sandblasting and painting company, Mr. Richter served in various roles throughout the petrochem, rail, marine, and offshore industries. These roles include: construction coordinator for Houston Lighting & Power Company, technical sales and service manager for Valspar Mebon, southern regional industrial manager for Duron Paints and Wallcoverings, and eastern US regional manager for Chlor-Rid.

In his new role, Mr. Richter will manage sales for the company’s distribution of non-toxic and biodegradable, metal surface preparation products that eliminate corrosion. Mr. Richter comments, “I have seen many product theories come and go. I cannot be more confident in the products CRW Consulting & Distribution provides. Our surface decontamination technology is revolutionizing surface cleanliness and coating adhesion. I am blessed to be a leader in this revolution.”


Norm Petticrew-edit

Norman Petticrew

CRW Consulting & Distribution has announced that Norman Petticrew, NACE CIP Level III certified #850, has joined their team of experts as Technical Sales Manager and managing member. Petticrew has over 50 years of surface preparation and coating industry experience. He has held various roles throughout the petrochem, rail, marine, and offshore industries. These roles include: SME, Subject Matter Expert Valero Refinery, Meraux, LA for Coatings, Fireproofing & Insulation, Technical Sales and Service Manager for International Paint, Porter International, Ameron, and Central US Regional Manager for Chlor-Rid.

In his new role, Mr. Petticrew will manage sales for the company’s distribution of non-toxic and biodegradable, metal surface preparation products that eliminate corrosion. Mr. Petticrew comments, “In the early years of my involvement in the coatings industry, we didn’t have as much corrosion issues that we see today. The reason being that we were using red-lead based coatings that did not allow the soluble salts to migrate into the steel for this to happen. With red-lead coatings being outlawed due to safety hazards of humanity, we are now forced to find other means of protecting the surfaces, in which the soluble salts removal and surface passivating technology has become the key element in corrosion prevention. I am fortunate to have the honor of passing on my vast experience as one of the key professionals in this modern-day technology for teaching industry professionals about proper surface preparation in order to achieve successful coatings applications.”


Jeremi Day CRW Consulting Distribution Corr-Ze

Jeremi Day

CRW Consulting & Distribution is excited to announce the addition of Jeremi Day, NACE CIP Level III certified #13487, as Chief Technical Officer and Managing Partner. Day has nearly 30 years of experience in facilitating quality program implementation and quality management, project management and estimating, corrosion control consulting, and auditing for industrial and manufacturing operations. 

In his new role, Mr. Day will manage sales for CRW's distribution of the Corr-Ze™ product line, which are non-toxic, biodegradable metal surface preparation products that eliminate corrosion and provide better coating adhesion. He will also provide technical support and product training to our distribution chain team members and lead technical presentations and product demonstrations. Mr. Day comments that the biggest challenge facing the coating industry today is "finding skilled craftsmen who are truly well-trained and experienced in the craft, and helping owners and contractors understand the importance of proper surface preparation." He believes we solve that problem "by providing a product {Corr-Ze™} that aids in proper cleaning of the surface, thus increasing the service life of the installed corrosion protection system."

Mr. Day's skill set enables us to offer more than revolutionary rust removal, metal surface preparation products; you gain valuable solutions from our team of esteemed experts you can't get anywhere else.


Bill Dykes 2

Bill Dykes

Bill Dykes has been appointed as Sales Manager focusing primarily on Onshore Upstream Oil and Gas, Agriculture and Construction by CRW Consulting & Distribution. Dykes has approximately 45 years of oil industry experience, spending nearly 30 years with Occidental Petroleum Corporation. Following Oxy, Mr. Dykes joined the Tagos Group to lead international business development and oilfield services and then Epex Solutions. Throughout his career, Mr. Dykes has brought new and advanced technologies in the areas of nanotechnology, water treatment, corrosion control and process optimization to Oil and Gas and other industries.

In his new role, Mr. Dykes will manage oil and gas industry sales for the company’s distribution of non-toxic and biodegradable, metal surface preparation products that eliminate corrosion. Mr. Dykes comments, “There are very few technologies that can significantly impact such a wide range of industries like the products CRW provides. Creating the cleanest possible substrate not only benefits the asset owner with better coating adhesion but provides a surface for better weld beads and less long term risk.”


John Autenreith-sq-200

John Autenreith

John Autenreith comes to CRW as a senior consultant, sales, and project manager after serving as the senior consultant for a start-up armor and ballistics company in Katy, Texas.

Before working with the group in Katy, John was a country manager for Black & Veatch on the USAID Kandahar Helmand Power Project (KHPP). ) Mr. Autenreith managed independent contracts and oversaw all security within Kandahar Province. In this position, Autenreith was responsible for the procurement of infrastructure and logistics contracts that included construction, power generation, fuel, security, and air transportation. The KHPP helped contribute to the US government civilian-military cooperation on counterinsurgency and ultimately helped the Afghan Government address a 20-25-megawatt electricity shortfall in Kandahar City. The project was a significant achievement in the reconstruction of Afghanistan’s devasted infrastructure.

Prior to Black & Veatch, Mr. Autenreith was the Director of The Khudairi Group and their business units in Iraq after the events of 9/11. John has extensive experience in pricing, purchasing, operations, security, project management, and services to end-users and customers.

Autenreith has led groups in global operations in over 40 countries. John began his career by serving as a platoon sergeant in Special Operations in the U.S. Marine Corps with the Deep Reconnaissance Platoons at the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion (MEU SOC) in Okinawa, Japan. Autenreith went back to finish his bachelor's degree from the University of Houston after the United States Marine Corps. He has deployments to Iraq, Japan, and Africa. John’s background allowed him to work worldwide and accumulate a vast network.


Nathan Poche CRW Corr-Ze Portrait

Nathan Poché

Nathan Poché is a senior management leader in the Oil & Gas and Energy Industry with 30 years of global experience in multiple sectors and is the President and Managing Partner. Poché has a vast knowledge base ranging from upstream to downstream operations, construction, and management. He has worked globally onshore and offshore while leading elite drilling, engineering, completion, production, and executive teams.

Poché has led, trained, and managed multi-billion dollar projects developed within majors such as Nabors Offshore, Trinidad Drilling, Pioneer Drilling, and EQT Corporation throughout his career. He has a proven track record of cutting costs, driving up revenue, building strong relationships between service and operations, integrating new technology with existing infrastructure, and handling high-risk situations with quick problem solving and strategic management.

Mr. Poché’s hands-on approach to operations weaved with his focus on customer relationships brings a strong dynamic to our sales team. With his deep understanding of industrial operations, he provides the team with incredible insight into customer needs, which allows our team to offer more than products and valuable solutions.


Trey Chandler CRW Corr-Ze Portrait-EDIT

Trey Chandler

Trey Chandler is an accomplished sales and operations management professional with over 15 years of purchasing and finance, and production expertise. He is a results-driven leader with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a strong emphasis in cost analysis, and establishing sustainable revenues and maximizing returns in underperforming markets. Proven history and success increasing profitability, improving performance, and cultivating productivity in sensitive, fast-paced environments and a highly competitive industry. Tenacious in building new business, securing customer loyalty, and forging strong relationships with external business partners, generating high-dollar sales. Solid ability to rapidly assimilate new technologies and concepts to meet the demands of dynamic and diverse operational environments and customer satisfaction.

Currently Trey is in Executive Operational Leadership of an industry leading distributor of drilling equipment and supplies, and is directly responsible for the overall fiscal performance. He is also a key member and key strategist of an Executive Committee that is comprised of the CEO, President, and Treasurer. In this position he is responsible for the P&L numbers and strategy for future projects and the overall company’s direction.


Misty Foster CRW Corr-Ze Portrait-EDIT

Misty Foster

CRW Consulting & Distribution would like to announce the addition of Misty Foster as our new Office Manager. Misty comes to CRW with extensive experience in customer service, communication, and crisis management. She's an attentive team player who will be sure to provide our customers with the utmost quality in service. We encourage you to connect with her and welcome her to the team!


Tobias Wood CRW Corr-Ze Portrait

Tobias Wood

Tobias Wood is a founding member of CRW Consulting & Distribution and brings more than 30 years of experience in banking and start-up ventures to our team. He comes from a long lineage of cattlemen and is not only accomplished in finance, but also in ranching. Giving back to the community is a top priority for Mr. Wood and he is very involved in local philanthropy efforts.



CRW Consulting & Distribution is proud to provide a simple yet powerful resolution to the chronic problem of premature coating failure.

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